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Our Signature Massage

Our clients favourite! And one of our best treatments, melt away tension and stress. Make you feel happy and rejuvenated. It's a mix style massage: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Relaxing.
Prices from:  £30
Good For : Everybody!

4 Hands Massage

4 hands, 4 elbows, 4 forearms, 20 fingers give you a truly unique sensation of being massaged simultaneously everywhere. Extremely relaxing and hypnotic experience.
Prices from £90
Good for : A treat!

Aromatherapy facial

Is the best way to pamper your skin. Essential oils soothe your skin and  help you to relax like never before.Treatment includes exfoliation, facial mask and hot towel - truly amazing.

Prices from £65

Good for : Reviving

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most common and most popular form of massage therapy, often called classic massage. Designed  to improve circulation, soothe muscles and make you feel relaxed.

Prices from:£30
Good for : Everybody!

Lomi lomi massage

The massage is characterised by loving, nurturing, long, flowing strokes... like gentle waves moving over the body.

 Comes from traditional Hawaiian ritual performed in Temples.

Price from : £60

Good for : Drifting off

Couples massage

Enjoy a treatment together in our special room to pamper yourself & the one you love.
With a glass of  proseco it' s a perfect way to celebrate special occasions and anniversaries.

Price from : £100
Good for : Relationships

Sports Massage

Deeper and more focussed to ease those aches and pains

Price from : £45

Good for : recuperation

Classic Foot Massage

Love your feet. Show you care. Relaxing, refreshing and deeply relaxing.

Price from : £25

Good for : Health & well being

Hot Stones Massage

Relaxing deeper massage with the heat from our smooth volcanic stones penetrating deeper into muscles.

Price from : £55

Good for : Muscle pain


For bookings please use the booking button above  or call us on 0131 281 9380


We understand that life can get in the way of plans! Please cancel giving as much notice as possible via text, Facebook or phone

On Arrival

Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your appointment start time, this is in order to give you time to be checked in, fill out our short  questionnaire and prepare fully for your massage. As a courtesy to all our guests we operate a prompt appointment schedule, late arrival may result in your treatment time being shortened or booking cancelled.

After care

Drink plenty of water and take time to relax after your treatment.


We recommend not having a meal within 2 hours of a  treatment. If you have a health concern or condition please let your therapist know. 

Regular treatments will enhance and emphasise the positive benefits of massage.