The Shore Clinic

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At The Shore Clinic, we are focused on providing  extremely relaxing and pleasurable massage treatments combined with soft music and hot oils. We provide a massage as a massage should be. We will massage you from head to toe, combining all the best techniques with pressure that is deeply relaxing, along with tantalising sensations that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and happy... And you will feel great for days afterwards. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations. We will listen to your requests and adapt our styles and techniques to your specific needs and wishes. You are guaranteed to be treated by one of the Shore owners who will personally discuss your requirements and deliver the right treatment for you.

The Shore Clinic - Joint Owners & Therapists

Kate Stepien

I’m a qualified therapist with over 9 years of experience in different massage styles and techniques. Through learning from people and places all over the world and currently studying physiotherapy, I have trained myself to be proficient in many types of massage therapy.

My personal interests relate to the human body and mind as well. Practicing kundalini yoga and triathlons I’m checking and moving my own boundaries and limitations.

Studying and practicing a healthy, happy, active lifestyle gives me a knowledge and understanding that I try to share with my clients.

                 Magda Grzynkiewicz

I qualified with the Scottish Massage School in 2014 and specialise in Swedish Massage and Relaxing Treatments. During the last couple of years I have practiced to develop my own style and techniques. Massage is my passion and I try to constantly develop to be better and better.

I have long experience of customer service and always try to create positive experiences with my clients, many of them returning regularly.

I am also a runner and know how important it is to properly look after the body and the positive impact a regular massage can make to health and well-being.

Why us?

  • Relaxation specialists

  • Qualified and constantly upgrade our qualifications

  • Our unique massage style

  • Top Rated

  • Good value treatments

  • A professional environment

  • Peaceful, relaxing atmosphere

  • Pay attention to every detail

  • Signature treatments

  • Highly recommended